Growth Track

Growth Track

Find Your Place

Through Growth Track, you can join Smoke Rise Baptist Church and find a place of service on our Dream Team (that’s what we call those who serve at Smoke Rise). If you would like to take the next step in your spiritual growth, join us for Growth Track. Although it is best to start with 101, you can begin with any of the sessions. The Growth Track is complete once you have finished all 4 sessions and join a ministry team.

If you have any questions about Growth Track, please contact the church office at 205-647-7064.

The Growth Track

Church 101

Church 101 is a great way for individuals to learn more about what we believe as a Faith Family and what we are committed to helping see brought to fruition.  You will have the opportunity to join the SRBC Faith Family; however there is no obligation to do so.  We want those coming into the life of the church to understand fully what The Lord has called this body of believers to and what is expected of each of the Christ-followers at SRBC

Discipleship 201

Unpack the essential habits every believer must have in order to become spiritually mature. In Discipleship 201, you will not only discover these truths but learn practical ways of applying them in your life. And because our journey was not meant to be traveled alone, a group of individuals is ready to partner with you as you live life together and grow in these habits.  


Serve 301

Your temperament, personality, talents, passions, and spiritual gift(s) all mesh together to make you truly unique. Through Serve 301, we will help you identify and learn more about the various aspects of your uniqueness along with how that uniqueness can be used to make a difference in the Kingdom


Proclaim 401

Now you are ready to put it all together and begin the process of joining a Serve Team at SRBC. Through the various Serve opportunities available at SRBC, individuals are able to grow deeper in their spiritual walk, develop relationships with others that have the same gifts/passions, and bless others as they share the love of Christ. There is a place for everyone and we are here to help you find that right fit.