Mark DeVine

Mark DeVine


I was born in Atlanta and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I attended Clemson University to study Electrical Engineering, but God disturbed my conscience the whole time I was there, and He did not relent until I surrendered to the call.

This led to me to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where I earned a Master of Divinity and a PhD.

Pastor DeVine’s Family

My wife, Jackie Moore DeVine, and I have been married for 38 years. We are blessed to have two sons, Drew (33) and Sam (29). Drew lives in Hoover, Alabama, and Sam lives in Columbus, Ohio. They are both single at this time.

History in the Ministry

The Lord has given me the opportunity to pastor five different churches, as well as serve as interim or transition pastor for twenty others. My first experience at Smoke Rise Church came when I served as a consultant in 2019. I was asked to come in and serve as transition pastor in the spring of 2022.

Favorite Thing About SRBC

Finding a church can be a challenge. You want to belong to a church that feels like home. What I like about Smoke Rise Church is its people. I feel comfortable around them. They are welcoming and supportive, and frankly I just like them!


My favorite hobby is reading a lot of books. I read a wide variety of genres and subjects, including biographies, poetry, sports books, and theology, of course. I also enjoy going on bike rides with my wife, Jackie, or on my own. I used to love to hike, but my hiking days are gone. Now it’s all about cycling.

Most Saturdays, Jackie and I like to go on day trips. This gives me a chance to moan and pout about wanting grandchildren.

Favorite Bible Verse

My favorite Bible verse changes quite a bit. Right now, my favorite verse is Matthew 16:18.

This verse is such an encouragement to me because it serves as a reminder that Jesus is busy building his church. It lets me know that when I try to help churches, I am cooperating with my Lord.

Excited to Serve SRBC

I could not be more excited to serve as transitional pastor at Smoke Rise Church. If you are considering joining us some Sundays at SRBC, I encourage you to come and participate in this warm and welcoming fellowship. Feel free to check out our website and read all about our core values and our mission here at SRBC.