Jimmy Morrison

Meet Our Executive Pastor: Jim Morrison

Smoke Rise Baptist Church believes strongly in letting God lead the way for our congregation, but that doesn’t just happen magically. Instead, we believe God raises the right people to help guide our church and shepherd our people.

That’s why our pastoral staff is so critical to us. One key member of our team is Pastor Jim Morrison. Jim is one of several pastors who helps lead our church and teach the Word of God to the people.

Jim is originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He’s been married to his wife, Vickie, for over forty years, and the couple has two grown children. They also have a granddaughter and grandson.

Before joining the ministry, Jim attended Jefferson State Jr College. There, he received an Associate Degree in Business Management. He also participated in Bessemer Tech Jr College, receiving a degree in Applied Science. Many pastors receive a call to ministry during their college years, but Jim got his a little later. He worked in the secular world until he was in his 40s. 

How Did Jim Enter the Ministry?

Jim was in his early 40s when God revealed that he would make him a church administrator after his retirement. Given that he was still going strong in his career, Jim assumed that this church role would come in his 70s. Instead, God called him to the position when he was only 55. 

Where did that call lead him? If you guessed Smoke Rise Baptist, you guessed correctly! Jim took a church administrative position here. Once here, Jim felt God was calling him to the ministry. Once Jim received that call, he was welcomed onto Smoke Rise Baptist Church’s ministry staff.

Pastor Jim’s Testimony

Jim’s testimony revolves around one of his favorite Bible passages. The passage comes from James 5:13-16, often known in Christian circles as the Prayer of Faith. In 2008, Pastor Jim discovered that his left anterior descending artery was completely blocked. This condition often results in fatalities. 

When Jim learned of the condition, he called the pastor of his former church and asked the elders to anoint him with oil. Then, they prayed over him as the epistle instructed. After that, Jim found himself healed. Later, he was able to present this testimony to doctors!

These experiences demonstrated God’s overwhelming power over His people. It even led Jim’s father to accept Christ as his Savior.

Pastor Jim Morrison is one of several excellent members of our ministry staff. Church members and visitors are welcome to contact Jim to address any pastoral needs or concerns!

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