Meet Our Preschool Minister: Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith is a vital member of our ministry. Hannah has been a Smoke Rise Baptist Church member for over a decade and now leads the religious education of some of our youngest. With a carefully planned curriculum, Hannah is passionate about helping children discover who Jesus is and His love for them.

She attended Mortimer Jordan High School before attending college at the University of Alabama. Today, Hannah lives in Cullman. She has been blissfully married for five years to her husband, Josh.

Together, they share a beautiful 3-year-old daughter, Frances Claire, and a handsome newborn son, Cole.

Fun Facts About Hannah

Hannah joined Smoke Rise Baptist Church in 2011 and has been a proud member ever since. Hannah loves spending time with her growing family. Outside of work and home, Hannah loves to ski, both on water and on snow! The lake is one of Hannah’s happy places to unwind. 

Hannah’s favorite things are coffee and sunshine. Did we mention she loves coffee? The best-case scenario is both coffee and sun at the same time!

Hannah’s Role

Hannah serves as our Preschool Minister at Smoke Rise Baptist! Hannah’s primary goal is to till the soil of the hearts of our preschoolers by creating a safe and engaging environment for education about the Bible.

It can be easy for young children to get the Word of the Bible confused as just another story, so it is essential to create that distinction. The children need to understand that the Bible isn’t just another story; it is the Word.

Our preschool classes use a curriculum that teaches stories in a way preschoolers can understand. We want them to be able to understand the story and grasp the lesson behind it. With creative crafts and activities to help keep the preschoolers engaged, preschoolers can bring the stories of the Bible to life. These crafts allow them to remember what they learned. 

Hannah’s favorite thing about Smoke Rise Baptist is the many sweet children.

Hannah is a valuable member of our ministry staff. Her primary goal is guiding the early education of our preschoolers in a way they can understand and remember. A life with Christ starts at a young age, and a strong Preschool Minister like Hannah can spark the love for God in your toddler.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in Hannah’s class, learn more about our program here!