What Do You Need?


Need. Think about that word for a moment. It’s a word that is used frequently in today’s culture. When used as a noun, it describes something necessary, a requirement. When used as a verb, it pushes toward action due to something being essential or very important. We all have needs. What are the needs you have right now? Do they involve your family? Is it something big or small? It is an external need (e.i. material, financial, circumstantial, etc.) or an internal need (e.i. emotional, mental, spiritual)? What actions do you take to see these needs met? Do you tap into all of your resources?

The story is told of a father and his son walking along a trail when they came to a large branch that had fallen across the path. Rather than simply going around the branch, the Father uses it as a teaching moment. The Father instructed the Boy to move the branch off of the path. Being a large branch and a not so large boy, the task proved to be very difficult. The son tried every which way to lift, push, and pull the branch, but it would not budge; the entire time, the Father encourages his son to use every resource he has at his disposal. All but exhausted, the Boy finally gives up.

The Father asks, “Did you use all your resources?” The Boy responds, “Of course.” The Father pushed a little harder, “Are you sure you used every resource available to you?” The Boy, almost in tears, responds with a resounding “YES!” Quietly and compassionately, the Father walks over and, lifting the branch, inquires: “Then why did you not ask for my help?”

We all have needs, and there is a good chance our greatest need may be the exact answer to all other needs we encounter. Starting this month (October), we kick off a series called “Prayer In the Church.” We have a need, and we need to pray. But why do we need to pray? Who is listening to our prayers? How and for what are we praying? When should we pray? What is happening when we pray? We will seek to find the answers to these questions and others as we come to our Father and our King with our needs. I hope you will join us!