Thank You for Scanning the QR Code or Following a Link to Our New Website!
Please review ALL of the information on this page in detail before your return to church next Sunday!

We have tried to create a place where all of your educational material for the new technology is all in one place. In the future, this page will serve as a place where we may need to communicate a lot of information all at once, when rolling out new ideas and concepts at Smoke Rise Baptist Church!

Before returning to church next Sunday PLEASE complete the following steps below. IF for any reason you cannot complete one, have technical issues, please email or reach out to leadership at church next Sunday.

1 .CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT IN BREEZE - Open the email that you received from Nancy during church service on April 7 ,2024 titled "Create Your Smoke Rise Baptist Church Breeze Acount". If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check your SPAM and JUNK folders to make sure that it did not go there. Follow the prompts from the email to create your account in BREEZE. BREEZE is a program that the church office uses to process your giving. Through your BREEZE account, you will able to view your giving history, update your recurring giving and giving methods, change and update your personal information (address, phone number, ect.),  as well as access the online member directory (coming soon).You will find more information on how to do this if you need it in the tutorial videos on the webpage below.


2. DOWNLOAD AND SET UP OUR NEW TITHELY CHURCH APP- If you scroll down this webpage to the tutorial section, there is a link to download our new TITHELY church app! Please download this to your device and once that is complete, watch the app overview video linked in the tutorial section below and it will guide you to perform all the steps we need you to take to get completely set up in the app, including the initial download, walkthrough of how it works, creating your app account, changing settings to accept notifications for the app, adding information into your app account and joining any corresponding communication groups in the app that you are associated with. The video tutorial for the app that we have created and that is linked in the tutorial section below, will also show you all of the features of the app. We will be using this app as our main source of communication for the church, so we urge that you get this app downloaded and set up ASAP.


3. JOIN ANY OF OUR NEW PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNICATION GROUPS- We are doing away with the public SRBC Kingdom Kids Facebook Page, the public Forged Middle School Facebook Page, as well as the public Smoke Rise High School Students Facebook page and switching to "private Facebook groups" that are listed under the main Smoke Rise Baptist Church's Facebook page. There is a video in the tutorial section below, showing you how to join the private Facebook groups that apply to you, as well as what groups are currently available. Please watch this video and join any groups that you need to stay updated in. These groups will be used for sharing photo albums of church functions related to the group topics you join, connected communication and more. The generational ministry groups will be for members, as well as any people that are involved in any capacity with these ministries. This will help anyone associated with these ministries stay updated if they frequently visit or try us out for a while before joining our faith family.


4. WATCH THE VIDEO WALKTHROUGH OF OUR NEW WEBSITE - We have created a website walk through video and added it to the tutorial section below, showing all of the details of what is available on our church's new website. Please watch this video to learn in detail everything that is available on our new website.

Once you complete this list, you will have completed PHASE ONE of our new communication tools rollout at SRBC. We are praying that this helps everyone stay more clearly informed and connect us more efficiently as a church. Thank you so very much for your time and cooperation! Start by scrolling below to view our tutorial section to guide you through these steps.

Hello Faith Family!

At SRBC, we believe in equipping our faith family to grow in their spiritual lives and connect as a body of believers. Explore the page below and to watch tutorials and see ways to be equipped through God's word, serving, & through fellowship!



Setting Up Your BREEZE Account
Access your giving information & our online church directory (coming soon) all in one place!

Please watch the full video below with instructions on setting up and understanding the current features of your new BREEZE account!

BREEZE Log In Page

Breeze Setup Tutorial

Download the Smoke Rise Baptist Faith Family Church App!
We have an app for our faith family to stay updated & connected on the go!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our church app! Here you will be able to view sermons, add prayer requests to a prayer wall, view prayer needs we have as a body, stay updated from the church office with updates on what is going on, join group messaging with classes or groups you are a part of at SRBC, save church events to your personal phone calendar & more!

Download Now!

App Setup Tutorial

Join Our New Private FB Communication Groups
Connect with others on Facebook through themed groups to share photo albums and information.

Current groups available are:

  • Smoke Rise Littles - A private communication group for parents of birth-K4 that attend in any capacity.
  • Smoke Rise Kids -  A private communication group for parents of K-6th grade that attend in any capacity.
  • Smoke Rise Youth -  A private communication group for parents of 7th-12th grade as well as any youth themselves that attend in any capacity.
  • Faith Family Connect - A private communication group for all of the regulars that attend SRBC intended for sharing all of our personal photos from events, albums of photos from events, sharing inspiring Bible verses and insight to personal studying, reccomending resources that you enjoy to grow in your faith walk, class achievements, excited things in our lives and more!
Smoke Rise Littles FB Group Smoke Rise Kids FB Group

Private Facebook Groups Tutorial

Watch the Video Walkthrough of the New Website
Watch a video to view all of the functions that our new website currently offers!

View the video walkthrough of our new website!

Watch Our Services LIVE On Your Smart TV!
We are excited to share that you will now be able to watch our LIVE services online on your smart TV through the YouTube TV app!

Search "YouTube" on your smart tv, and download the YouTube app to your TV. Once the app is downloaded, go to the search bar in YouTube and search for "Smoke Rise Baptist Church" to find our channel. Once you find our channel you should be able to watch our services live at 10:30am on Sunday mornings!

YouTube TV Tips

Text Giving Tutorial

Simply text the word "GIVE" to 205.952.6050 Complete giving information and credit/debit card details. Once complete, the information is securely saved for future gifts. You can easily give at any time by texting a simple number and hitting send!

From Us to You

Sharing insight and information from leadership to the church body.

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Recommended Resources

At SRBC, we are committed to recommending the proper resources that will help you grow in your spiritual journey. There is a variety of study tools below to help you engage more fully with the scriptures of the Holy Bible and assist in your equipping.